Hue Monuments Service Development Center is pleased to introduce the new service product: ROYAL BANQUET PROGRAM. This program will be held at Duyet Thi Duong Theater (Royal Theater) - Hue Imperial City. Time: From 7 p.m to 9 p.m. Capacity: 5 – 80.


Just imagine that you are the King, beside you is the Queen accompanied by a court music band, soliders and servants with lanterns in hand, all wearing royal costumes. At Hien Nhon gate, our welcome ceremony team will take all guests to Duyet Thi Duong theater. You will have chance to travel on a road decorated by lanterns and flower lights of Hue Imperial city at night. 

di tích huế

Our welcome ceremony team takes guests from Hien Nhon gate to Duyet Thi Duong theater

At the courtyard of  Duyet Thi Duong theater, you could observe the court’s ladies playing royal games: “Đầu Hồ”, “Bài Vụ” and “Xăm Hường” and enjoy the game demonstration to understand entertainment activities of the Nguyen’s King and their family under Nguyen Dynasty. 

di tích huế

In the formal space of Duyet Thi Duong theater at night, you will be served many delicious foods presented beautifully of Hue royal culture. Especially, we have royal cuisine that was researched and rehabilitated by Hue Monuments Conservation Centre. All dishes here are as authentic as they could be, meticulously prepared by Hue trained specialty chefs. Besides, you can enjoy Hue Royal Court music performances (Nha nhac) of the Nguyen Dynasty. “Nha nhac” was recognised in 2003 by UNESCO as a Masterpiece of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity. Royal Court music and royal meal are two highlights in Hue that visitors should experience to get a full view at how the royal life was under Nguyen dynasty. 

di tích huế

Decorated space of Royal Banquet at Duyet Thi Duong theater

di tích huế

Royal dancing:”Hoa Dang”

di tích huế


Royal dancing: Hand Fan Dance

Royal Banquet Program help local and foreign visitors experiencing clearly about Hue royal culture under the Nguyen Dynasty. Nothing better than enjoying delicious banquet while listening to melodious music and having a feeling of being the King in the oldest theater of Vietnam. That’s why royal dinner is a must for those who come to Hue. This great program can not be found anywhere in Vietnam and promise to be an enjoyable experience for tourists!

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